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Simple substitution cipher for a given string.
Query examples: atbash example
Encode to and decode from base64.
Make a string uppercase or lowercase.
Displays the user's current date.
Query examples: current date, local date, date
Flip Coin
Flip a coin.
Query examples: flip coin, heads or tails
Hex Color
Get RGB, HSL and CMYB values for a hex color.
Query examples: #cc0000, #c00
Displays the user's IP address.
Query examples: what is my ip, my ip, ip
Leap Year
Shows whether a year is a leap year or not.
Lorem Ipsum
Generate Lorem Ipsum text.
Query examples: lorem ipsum, lorem ipsum 3
Calculate the MD5 hash for a given string.
Query examples: md5 example
Morse Code
Convert to and from morse code.
Returns the Pi number.
Query examples: Pi
QR Code
Generate a QR code for a given string.
Query examples: qr code example
Reverse Text
Reverse the order of the characters from a given string.
Query examples: reverse text example
Get a random value between 1 and a given number.
Query examples: roll 100
Screen Resolution
Displays the user's screen resolution.
Query examples: screen resolution
Sort Numbers
Return the given numbers list in a sorted order.
Displays a stopwatch.
Query examples: stopwatch, chronometer
Displays the user's current time.
Query examples: current time, local time, time
Unix Time
Convert a unix timestamp value to human-readable value.